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Monday, August 23, 2004
Me, me, me!

I eat words when I talk,
I skip steps when I walk,
I forget the key when I lock,
I wear my shoe before my sock,

I give a dollar for a dime,
I look at clocks, not for time,
I write poetry, my words don't rhyme,
What I do is always a crime,

I paint the floor not the wall,
I bring the goal to the ball,
I try to swim when I fall,
My name's Ed, they call me Saul!

Ok folks, may be this isn't the best place to write poetry, but the past few months I have been going through alot of experiences. To analyze so much information together is really really hard. But again "an update is an update is an update....."

(P.S.: Better read this. You might find this helpful)

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