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Monday, April 11, 2005
How to: Set your PC to receive podcasts from Wakeup Pakistan

Dear Readers,
today is a tutorial day and I will tell you how to set up your pc, if you wish to download audio shows from Wakeup Pakistan. I will also tell you how to do it automatically and even sync it with your iPod (or any other portable mp3 player). This tutorial will be constantly updated, so please keep checking it. Anyways, first you need the right software to receive the podcast. There are several podcast recievers (or commonly known as podcatcher), but we like the following:

iPodder: Probably, the best podcatcher on Windows, Mac, and Linux and it can be downloaded for free. Currently, I will just publish a tutorial for Windows, tutorial should be coming soon. Just download it and install it. Installation is pretty simple. After installing and running iPodder, select the "Subscriptions" Tab and click on the "+" sign. This will open a box, titled "Add a Feed". In the URL box, enter one URL from the list below and press "Save":
a.) (if this doesn't work, try the option (b) ),

This will subscribe you to the "Wakeup Pakistan Podcast". To check for latest podcast, press "F5" on your keyboard or goto: Tools --> Check all . You can also set up a scheduler. To learn advanced features, click here.

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