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Sunday, December 04, 2005
Past, Present & Future

Muslims of India gain independence after seven years of struggle. Motivated by the dreams of Iqbal and Jinnah, the Muslims of India decide that they need a seperate country to practice Islam freely while embracing the changing times. Jinnah and Iqbal dreamt of a country where democracy was the way of the government and Islam would be of prime importance. Both of them believed that this was acheivable without hurting Islam or democracy. They believed that there was a reasonable logic behind getting a new country rather then muslims living in India after the Britons have left. They sincerely believed that we should create our own culture- a more Islamic culture. In my opinion, they were right, and this was our past.

Muslims of Pakistan are very advanced. If Jinnah was alive, he would have cried and most likely commited suicide. Pakistan is nothing what he dreamt of. Now, you see women without Dupattas and scarfs and wearing sleeveless shirts and low-cut, skin tight jeans. Perhaps, today's pakistani women is forgetting how Ms. Fatima Jinnah observed her dressing? Sorry, if I am very explicit, but the pakistani women are being used for selling products that otherwise won't sell. I can point several billboards in the city of Karachi alone that have explicit and very embarassing images, but, I will let you find a few. Specifically, you will find a few on Shahrah-e-Faisal.
Turn on the radio and you will only hear Indian songs on Pakistani FM Channels. Specifically, FM 103 is the one that play indian music 95 percent of the time. It is sad to see how we are destroying our younger generations and making them a slave of indian culture. Another notable channel is FM 96 which only plays very explicit english songs. Songs that would be censored in the United States, are freely broadcasted without anyone taking a notice. Sadly, some lady (I believe her name was Mrs. Sheerazi) wanted to listen to Black Eyed Peas - My Humps. I won't tell you what the lyrics sound like, but be warned they are very explicit and shouldn't be aired on free waves, SPECIALLY in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN?
Geo Network is trying to revolutionize the television experience by broadcasting indian dramas and shows. ARY's Fashion TV Pakistan is yet another slap in the faces of the people who fought for this country in 1947. Indus Vision shows cartoon shows for kids around 5 pm every day with dubbing in hindi - yet another innocent attempt at corrupting the young pakistani generation and sadly, Urdu. Musik TV broadcasts a program called "Bang tu Bajega", which has teenagers discussing and idolizing indian actors and fashion. Once, they showed an episode where one team (boys) were arguing with another team (girls) about skin tight clothes and fashion in general in Pakistan. I guess, by now you get the picture but I have listed very few examples. You will find countless attempts of corrupting pakistanis (young and old, man and woman, etc.) minds, destroying our heritage and historical past, and Jinnah's dream of a modern democratic and yet Islamic state in newspapers and print media, television and radio, and pathetically educational institutes.
I will let you decide the future. I, personally, believe that we are a dead nation. We have reached a point from which a return won't be easy. Perhaps, most people already know all of the above and are anticipating the outcome but then again most people who are reading this are well educated and learned. What about the majority of the uneducated and illiterate nation that believes and practices what it sees on TV and hears on radio? You be the judge!

PS: I wrote this article last week and since, then a lot has changed. Cable networks have stopped broadcasting Indian channels due to certain restrictions put forward by PEMRA and their seems some unrest on this issue. Cable networks are broadcasting telephone numbers for PEMRA so that people can call and beg them to put the indian channels back. Truly, PATHETIC.

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