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What is in the box below? The box contains the RSS Feed for podcatchers. Its just garbage code.

Monday, April 18, 2005
How to: Set up your blogger for podcasting!

Another tutorial! Yay!
If you want to podcast and don't want to set up another blogger site, then you should read this
tutorial. This tutorial will allow you to have an RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed for podcatchers (as ipodder, etc.). The code below will add a small text box in your blogger site and an example can be seen in the left column. I have tested this for iPodder and it works prefectly. I can't get it to work with iPodderX and I haven't had enough time to check it in detail. I welcome people to test it with iPodderX, iPodder, nimiq, doppler, etc. and test it on other platforms. It successfully worked on Windows and Mac computers when iPodder was used. Please insert the code given below in a suitable place in your blogger template.

<form name="rssData">
<blogitemurl><enclosureurl="<$BlogItemUrl$>" length="666666"type="audio/mpeg"/></blogitemurl>

Please goto your "Settings --> Formatting" tab and select "yes" in the "Show Link Field". And then goto "Settings --> Site Feed" and select "no" in the "Publish Site Feed". Save all settings and republish your blog. Then open your iPodder and subscribe to your feed by adding your blogger URL (e.g.: If you don't know how to subscribe in iPodder, then please read this.

The original code was taken from Tom Higgins blog. I tweaked it to make it work with *almost* any blogger template (or your own template). Please feel free to distribute this tutorial and give due credit where possible. If you wish to make it work with no hassle, then please register on To learn how to do it, please read this.

If you don't have webspace available where you can upload your podcast, then you should try IMC Radio Network. You can upload mp3 for free and link to your website. Just click on "publish" link in the top left corner and fill out the information.

UPDATE: IMC Radio Network allows the following file formats: Max filesize: 100M; total size limit: 100M; 120 minutes upload time Accepted filetypes: 3GP, AVI, GIF, HTM, JPG, M3U, M4A, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPG, OGG, PDF, PLS, PNG, RAM, RM, SWF, TORRENT, TXT, WAV, WMA, WMV. That means you can also upload videos on it!

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